Running: Lost and Found

Saturday marked the final run of the week. I got up early expecting it to be a warm San Diego morning but found as I stepped out the door to be overcast and somewhat chilly. I headed out toward the strand; I was not so inspired to find someplace else to run this weekend, it was if I was forcing myself to run this morning.

Mile 2 I hit the Bay Shore Bike trail and traversed the salt ponds on my right and open marsh/bush land on my left. It was still early so I didn’t see anyone else out; I watched the ducks foraging for breakfast as I ran, more ducks than normal for some reason.

At about mile 3.5 I noticed that I had dropped my Saucony Speed Run Visor; I was carrying it on a loop on my side so I had it when the sun decided to come out. I had to have dropped it on the Bay Shore bike trail because I still had it at mile 2, I remember moving it out of the way to get a sip of water.

I though about running back but I had a 10 mile goal this morning and figured I was only two miles from my turn around point, so I’d pick it up on my way back. It was beautiful out this morning and my body and legs finely gave up feeling lethargic at mile four; I even started thinking about bumping my mileage to 13 but decided later not to because I need to get back to continue construction on the walk in closet [Happy Wife, Happy Life].

The trail started waking up; riders on their bikes started zipping past me so I had to limit my daydreams and take care. Bike riders in this area tend to be both rude and reckless. I was still the only runner out. Almost every time I run at this hour I pass this older Filipino lady riding a Schwinn three wheel bike. She has that ‘It’s so wonderful to be alive this morning’ look and I’m always happy to see her. She always greets me with a huge smile and a warm ‘Good Morning!’ as she slowly peddles her way done the path.

The gray broke and the sun popped out at mile 5, I ran out another .10 before turning around and heading back. By mile six I was wishing I had run back for my visor because the sun was brutal in this area. It was not only sun blessing me with its warm sunbeams, it’s rays were also bouncing off the water onto me as well.

I finely saw runners, only about five or so but seems they were finally out. I’m able to tell now the beginner and the experienced runners which is sort of new for me. Mile 6.5 I stated looking out for my visor. At about mile 7.3 I saw a lady on a beach cruiser peddle by and I could have sworn my visor was hanging for her handle bars but she was long past me before it registered in my brain.

By mile 9 I knew that my visor was gone; I can’t understand way someone would pick up a visor that has salt marks all over it, I had been using it all week and it was not the cleanest looking thing. Are people really that cheap? Oh well there goes $20.00 down the drain; should have run back for it in the first place.

When I got home my run completed at 10.20 miles / 16.4 k. I was still upset about loosing my visor, more I think, because my wife bought it as a gift for me.

So the week running roll up looks pretty good. My goal has been to run 25 miles a week but not less then 20. Even though I’m not really training for anything I want to maintain what I’ve built.


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17 Responses to Running: Lost and Found

  1. pauldburton says:

    I’ve never been a visor man but then we don’t get as much sun as you do. 🙂

    • usabaker says:

      I don’t like them but its the only thing I’ve found that keeps the sun off my eyes. I run mostly without it. Which is another reason I didn’t have it on. I guess I could ware sun glasses.

      • pauldburton says:

        If you are going to run with sunglasses be sure to get sport glasses so they don’t bounce around your face!

      • usabaker says:

        You have any recommendations ?

      • pauldburton says:

        You have to try them all on. A recommendation for something that is such a personal fit would be a waste. Try a shop like REI where they have a wide range of sports glasses. I would suggest some with interchangeable lenses so that you can choose lenses based on the running conditions. I have Native glasses but there are many brands out there.

  2. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Nice week of running to keep the base maintained. I use visors all the time, even on cloudy or light rain days – just my preference, they tend to keep me cooler than a full hat.

  3. runrodrun says:

    Nice work Bill!

    I can relate to what you’re trying to do by keeping a base level of fitness. For me I always like knowing that I can run a reasonable marathon (by my meagre standard at least) with just six weeks of prep.

  4. my26pointtwo says:

    I hope you are getting over your loss at this point 🙂 I can just imagine if you had chased down the poor lady on her bike. Her pedalling frantically, terrified by this sweaty man veins bulging trying to make up ground on her. You shouting garbled insults between breathes. Only to finally catch up and realise it was never your visor at all.

    • usabaker says:

      That would be me, yeah! lucky I was on the down side of my 10 miler.. Came home from work yesterday from a 5 mile run and my wife handed me a brand new visor. Guess she was tired of hearing me rant… But since I ran at night without the “TRON” outfit she bought me for Christmas my joy was over shadowed with snarky comments from her.

      • my26pointtwo says:

        Hahaha – She gives in one hand and takes with the other. That’s why we love them. 🙂

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