Tri-Getting Ready

qgs_logoBecause i’m procrastinator too busy to do personal things for myself during the week; I’ve been running around trying to get everything I need for the Super Seal Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. My Neo Sport Podium Sleeveless Triathlon Wetsuit came in from Amazon and it fits beautifully even though I look much like a beached Walrus while I’m wearing it. As did my new goggles and swim camp.

Having never done anything even near a Tri before I have absolutely have no idea of what I’m doing; I’ve mostly have had to ask one of the executives at work advice; I fear he may be tiring of my noob questions.  When I tired on the wetsuit it occurred to me that unlike Surfing where under the suit a swimsuit, tighty-whities, or in your birth suit works well; I had no idea what I was supposed to ware under the wetsuit since I would be stripping it off to ride a bike.

Google provided a ready answer which was a ‘Triathlon Skinsuit’ or if I could not find one that cyclist short and shirts would work as well. I end-up at Dicks Sporting Goods and of course the only things they had were cyclist shorts so I picked-up a pair. Now were these provided gel padding for your load bearing buns and added padding for the two tender buddies in the front, running in them felt like I was wearing a sanitary napkin for those ultra heavy flow days, not that I have ever worn such a device; I’m just sayin’ SO.. I end-up back on Amazon and ended up buying SLS3 Skinsuit thank goodness my wife signed up for Amazon prime this year – whew – now I just have to hope it fits as it arrives on Saturday.

My original idea was to ride my BigBox Toys-R-Us Mtn. Bike, yeah I know, but hey why would I spend major coin for a bike I would hardly use? so using what I had for this one off race seemed the best (and cheapest) alternative.  Then a surprise! A long time good friend stopped by and said hey! I’m your sponsor for the Triathlon and produced a Global Concepts GS BK Triathlon and tossed me $200.00 for shoes.  I was totally shocked and actually refused both the bike and money. I ask just to borrow the bike but he wouldn’t stop and I eventuality relented.  I have vary vary few friends; but the friends I do have are the best a person can have and life long. I was touched by my buddies generosity and I now swim, ride and run for Quality Generator Services .

PS: I now feel conflicted because of how I feel about San Diego Cyclists.


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15 Responses to Tri-Getting Ready

  1. my26pointtwo says:

    All the best of luck. What an absolutely incredible friend. One good one is worth 1000 acquaintances.

    • usabaker says:

      Yeah, he’s that one crazy friend you have around most of your life. He and I have gone though quite a bit together. First time we met he drank my soda when I wasn’t looking; he still denies it to this day. I was a project engineer on a generator over haul at a power plant and he kept talking to me in Spanish; I would just sort of look at him and walk away. Then he ask’ed in English “hey man, why don’t you answer me” I don’t speak Spanish, He ask “aren’t you Mexican?” I laughed and said no; I’m white and Filipino.. He said Well do you want a little Mexican in you?” — true story that’s the first things he ever said to me. He and I started two commercial generator service companies for two different companies; when I moved on he decided it was time stop making money for others and to start his own business and he’s been extremely successful and I really proud of him. Its a true dust to riches story.

  2. JonnieG64 says:

    Good Luck to you! Awesome initiative trying new things.

  3. runrodrun says:

    Wow! What a great gesture of support!!! Good luck Bill 😃

    • usabaker says:

      Yeah its a nice bike. I went to the bike store yesterday to get non click in peddles because I don’t have time to get use to clicking in and dont want to be a hazard to any of the other people. Man, peddles are expensive!

  4. Stacy says:

    This one made me giggle, mostly because I know how those bike shorts feel! Go get ’em!

    • usabaker says:

      Now, I’m just guessing that’s what it feels like ;P I raised my kids as a single dad which means that when my little girl transitioned to woman; I was the one who had to explain to her what was going on with her body AND had to figure out the whole liner vs pad vs weights.. The first time I bought them for her we went to Target and at check-out, with my daughter at my side the cashier looked at the pads, then looked at me and I said “Don’t you hate the heavy days?” I thought my daughter was going to met right there “DADDDDDDDDDDD! Ughhhhhhhh!”

      • Stacy says:

        Ahhhhh! Haha! I don’t know who I feel for more — you, or your dear daughter! High five, Dad, for stepping up to the plate when she needed you.

  5. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Sweet bike…what an awesome friend! Excited for you brother, reading your post took me back to my first attempts at triathlon a couple years back…had a blast, though I swear going in I thought I was gonna drown. There is a lot to the tri stuff but it’s a blast…if I could ever get my swimming sorted out, I would love to pick it up again. One of my funniest race moments happened at one of tri’s when my son who was 8 or 9 at the time, yelled over the transition fence and said, “Dad, how come everyone is on their bike already!!” Best of luck…go get ’em!!

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