I’ve never been so disappointed and have never felt like I feel right now. I wasn’t even 15 minutes into the triathlon and I got pulled from the race during the swim event, didn’t even make it to the half way point. I failed it’s even hard to tell you guys I failed. It’s hard to face this disappointment.

I do know why I failed, I failed because I was over confident and I didn’t practice I didn’t swim once prior to this event.  I’m a strong swimmer or I thought I was, the only place I will swim is in the ocean so this should not have been a problem. Ocean swimming has never been problem, I’ve swam in and out ripe tides and fast currents caused by the onset of typhoons in the Philippines, I deep dive into coral reefs and surfed days on end.

Perhaps it was swimming without fins or my upper body strength has degraded.Maybe not being able to sleep last night; but I doubt it.  I was even more upset when I was not allowed to do the bike and run parts just to do them not for the contest; just to experience the rest.
Guess it doesn’t really matter; I failed and all I can do now is learn from this and lick my wounds. I’ve never failed like this and I hate it.

As soon as next year sign-ups open; I’m going back for redemption.


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28 Responses to DNF FAILED!

  1. Micah says:

    my best wishes. i hope you recover quickly. where was the race held?

  2. Sorry to hear. I wouldn’t have picked the swim causing issues either. Don’t beat yourself up over it – as you say, there’s always next year. In the mean time you have heaps of other events coming up to look forward to!

    • usabaker says:

      I’ve been going over it and over it in my head. Even wondering it the 6 miles of biking to the event played a role in it. I knew I would have issues in the swim but not a DNF I didn’t even anticipate coming in last in the swim.

  3. runrodrun says:

    So sorry Bill! I know you’re gutted right now but you will get better. You’re a strong athlete and an even stronger person.

    Sometimes the strongest thing we can do in times like this is to let the past be the past, work on the now, so we can be better in the future.

    Never be ashamed of what happened. Be proud of trying.

  4. my26pointtwo says:

    People take failure in a number of ways. Some use it as an excuse to give up. Some use it as motivation to train harder and come back stronger. I would place good money on you being the in the latter group. You only really fail when you stop trying.

    • usabaker says:

      I have to try again, if I don’t I never stop thinking about it, ever. So there is really no choice. Funny I rode that new TRI bike 6 miles to the race, it really aggravated the arthritis in my neck and I was saying when this was over I wasn’t doing another Tri because of my neck. So one more it.. You will find me in that bay swimming over the next year for sure. Lesson learned.

  5. my26pointtwo says:

    Title should read DNF TRIED

  6. Gareth says:

    Feels a bit strange clicking like on this post but you got out there and gave it a go. Think about the number of people who quite simply wouldn’t have the guts to try. You’re in a tiny percentage so be proud. Come back stronger.

  7. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Man, sorry to hear that…the swim is so tough and can be insanely difficult no matter how fit you are. Take it in stride and come back ready to crush it next time…still plenty of other race opportunities this year. Head up.

  8. pauldburton says:

    Rookie mistake. Don’t beat yourself up.

    Preparation is everything. Get out there and do it. Now you have a challenge you can’t back away from; you’re own!

    You should also get some time in on the Tri bike. Position and setup are vital. If you haven’t had it fitted for you then get to a shop and have them do it. Saddle position, height and handlebar height are key to being comfortable. Foot/knee position are key to a strong injury free ride. You can also switch back to clips for the pedals as you’ll need them for a Tri… Being able to pull up on the pedals is a massive energy and muscle saver.

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Paul, Doing just that. I hired a swim coach yesterday and start Monday the 28th. I think I’m going to change the frame of the bike too; its too big for me. I’m going back fierce..

      • pauldburton says:

        Excellent. Bike frame and models are very specific. Try a few and get fitted by the store. Oh, and do get the clips as purely from an efficiency angle they are essential.

      • usabaker says:

        I plan to put the original clips back on once I get the bike/frame sorted out; wonder if I can still return the other peddles since I didn’t really use them. hmm.. Now to buy some shoes.

        I did notice that seat tube is quite long. I measured the inside and outside diameter of the tube and its the same thickness all the way down, well at least 6″; length of my plug gauge. I think I can cut the tube to gain an easy two inches with out sacrificing the structural integrity. I need less then an inch to fit this bike just right- two would give me adjustment room.

      • pauldburton says:

        You’ll need the clips and shoes with you when you get the frame and saddle setup. The position is different (subtly) between pedal and clips.

      • usabaker says:

        Will do, thanks

  9. dadandrun says:

    Good luck next time and good effort this time

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