Weekly Roll Up

My running week started out with a thud because of the DNF but because of it I’ve changed my MS Excel worksheet to include swimming and cycling.  So my journey begins. I’m going to start doing what I should have done before even attempting the TRI, train. Monday I start working with a swim coach and will meet with her every Monday and Wednesday working first in the pool and then eventually in the open water.  That’s the plan anyhow.

I’ve not figured out how I will measure the swimming,so I’ll have to figure that out once I see what the training is going to look like.RunStatmar20

Twenty one running miles this week; The bike rides were actually both on Sunday; to and from the triathlon. I just didn’t feel like combining them onto one day.  Since I have a half marathon coming up on April 9 I’m going in the a training spike for the next week. I’ve got to get allot of hill’s in because I’m sure that this run at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton will include a run up a mountain we joyfully called Mt. MotherF@#&er  when I was stationed as a young SEABEE on  Camp Pendleton. Although I’m excited to see the hill’s, yes plural,  again; I would be lying if I told you I was excited to run up them; at 19 with a full pack and a M60 it about killed me. I’m pretty sure you you can imagine how they got their names Old Smokey and The Reaper.

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3 Responses to Weekly Roll Up

  1. runrodrun says:

    This is such an exciting time for you Bill! A new sport. A new challenge. And a chance to relive old memories as a stronger better man when you take on Mt. MotherF^*#~!

    Can’t wait to read all about it!

    • usabaker says:

      Hi Rod, I only suspect that Mt MF is in my future I’ve not seen a route map yet. However, it would not make any sense to have a race on base and not include at least part of that hill. Once I complete one triathlon I wont do another; not because I wont be able to but because riding the bike is really hard on my arthritic neck. Having to be bent over and holding my head up to see where i’m going did me in in just the 12 miles I did, took two days and 3 headaches to get over it. I am curious about the swimming though. Having to learn something I thought I knew well seems odd.

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    Great to see you back on the horse (bike) so quickly. I hope the initial pains subside quickly and you are able to start enjoying these new challenges.

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