Hey Coach!

UYBGbI’ve not had a coach since high school when I ran Cross Country but here I am some 40 years later in the hands of an expert. Yesterday was my first swimming lesson with Tara my swimming coach. “Swimming Lessons” that still sounds so foreign and strange since I have been swimming since I was young or what I thought was swimming.

Tara’s evaluation of my swimming ‘skilz boyyyyy‘ uncovered a number of areas that I need to work on, she was kind in her evaluation, but I knew that other then not fearing the water, holding my breath and the ability to propel forward; I didn’t know how to really swim.

This became evident as we embarked on  leaning the basics of stroke, kick, body rotation and breathing.  Over 48 years of even using my hands wrong! who knew…

swim-300x225Relax hands, elbow up, reach far, S shape draw(?), rotate, and kick from hips; LOL So much to try and remember. Tara ran me though various techniques and drills and I even got to use a floattie pull buoy between my thighs and a really small boogie board kick board.

Now I have to balance swimming and running so that I don’t over train. Another thing I learned, rather quickly, is that I’ll be using muscle I’ve not exercised in sometime and that soreness is going to be inevitable, I’m feeling it this morning and its going to be interesting to see how my body feels in my 6 miles short run today.

I only made it about 45 or 50 minutes and I was pretty much done. So here is my take away from my first lesson;

  • First and foremost I found a great coach. I get along with her and and am confident in her skills; shes no pretender.
  • I don’t know how to swim but Tara will fix this.
  • I learned quite allot on my first lesson which surprised me (now just to remember it all.)
  • I’ve got a long journey ahead.
  • I need to ware goggles; swimming in the pool is nothing like in the ocean. Chlorine is the burn that keeps on burning.
  • Swimming is hard work.

PS: Tara seems to think that by this time next year she will have me doing 1000 meter ‘training’ swims and clobbering the triathlon. 1000 meter? I can’t even imagine it.

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13 Responses to Hey Coach!

  1. Stacy says:

    “I don’t know how to swim but Tara will fix this.” LOL! Good luck with your training! Enjoying your updates 🙂

  2. my26pointtwo says:

    Great work Bill. There is nothing better than perfecting an old skill and learning some new tricks along the way. You are going to be super fit with all this training!

    • usabaker says:

      I’m paying for not spending time on my upper body now. I can run long and far but I’ve no stamina swimming. I hope it will get in a shape other then my current ’round’

      • my26pointtwo says:

        It is all about conditioning. Once you get going you will be able to push yourself harder as there is non of the impact.

  3. Micah says:

    all the best! your thrust for swimming is actually inspiring me to work on my own too.

    • usabaker says:

      Micah, thanks 🙂 I think swimming is a positive activity and are great support to our other sports. You should do it!

      • Micah says:

        did you sign up for ironman? i will try to find a teacher and a schedule. see i just dove with whale sharks and realized some serious swimming practice is needed.

      • usabaker says:

        Not yet, I’m shooting for next years Seal Sprint. But is my coach thinks I can swim a full on Olympic tri I’ll sign up for that. Whale sharks? Where! Next time I’m in the Philippines I’m hiring you as a guide… Have you done the Plunge in Bohol?

      • Micah says:

        oh good luck with that. in oslob, cebu. i will post about the whale sharks later tonight. the plunge i will do in four days maybe. staying in panglao first, then heading to the center of bohol. aha, yes, travel fiends must stick together.

      • usabaker says:

        My family is from Calape, Bohol i’m building a house there. I want to do the plunge so bad…..

      • Micah says:

        fantastic! put it on top of your list the moment you return then.

  4. josalyn says:

    a friend of mine just did her first full ironman…she never swam a day in her life 2 years ago!
    good luck and believe in yourself!

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