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Just a short 4, but I ran! and Autism Care and Treatment Today!

So Paul (Unlearn What You Have Learned) I took your advice and just got up an did it. I was stilling at my desk once again planning to run at 3:00pm but kept getting side tracked. at 3:55 I just stopped … Continue reading

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Ooh!…. I Want to DO THAT!

Its funny how our running takes us from you’re doing that?  SUPER CRAZY COOL! – to – Ooh! I want to do that! For me that moment was after my Disneyworld Marathon Dopey Challenge (5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon in … Continue reading

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Running Partner Wanted, Inquire Within

These past weeks since my last 1/2 Marathon I’ve had trouble getting back into my running schedule, I’ve had a number of false starts. I guess like Paul (Unlearn What You Have Learned) I’ve lost my Mojo too. Its not … Continue reading

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Snap Shot in Time: Cold and Alone

It was cold that night. Like most nights in San Francisco the cold fog rolls in just a few hours before dusk, the fog sticks as if attracted like a magnet to steel. As darkness dropped the night seemed colder … Continue reading

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This YOUR day!

I started to post a memory from when I was 16 but its was a story that, like most of my childhood story’s is sad, I felt wasn’t appropriate today. Today I want to celebrate the achievements of my friend and … Continue reading

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Family: Love and Regret

Family….. family is one of the most important items in my life but its has also become one of my greatest regrets. My words are contradictory I know, how can it be the most important yet house my biggest regrets? … Continue reading

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Running Penance

I’ve been bad I’ve not run until today so to pay for my transgression I did a short 4 mile run at lunchtime but, I ran my Juan St. route which you all know has starry stairs, lovey hills, pot … Continue reading

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Naughty Runner

So I’ve been bad, I didn’t run once last week. I know that I will pay for my lackadaisical behavior when I run this week. What I have been doing is work, building the walk-in closet (still) and of course training … Continue reading

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Race Report: Heartbreak Ridge Half-Marathon

Sorry its taken to long to get this up. I’ve been busy doing some home improvements my loving wife has requested and work has just clobbered me. I ran the  Heartbreak Ridge Half-Marathon at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California on Saturday … Continue reading

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Broken Taper

I’ve touched on this a little in some of my posts but have never really come out and told you. I suffer from severe anxiety and mild PTSD both feed on each other. As I’ve aged it seems to have … Continue reading

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