Naughty Runner

So I’ve been bad, I didn’t run once last week. I know that I will pay for my lackadaisical behavior when I run this week. What I have been doing is work, building the walk-in closet (still) and of course training (swimming.)

Completed my second and third swim lessons last week and my coach sent me a video telling me that I have made amazing progress.  My biggest issues right now is breathing and keeping my hips up. Her drill’s, beside wearing me out, are really helping me understand this whole triathlon swim and the techniques you need to learn to be successful. For instance; how important strong stoke techniques that maximizes energy and my movement thought the water, reducing leg use during the race so that my legs are still strong foe the bike and run events.

I don’t know about the “amazing” part but I do know that I have made lots of progress but am also aware I still have allot to learn and a long way to go in my training.  You can see in the video my breathing still sucks.. I’ll get it. and yes the first time I made it to the other side;  “Hello from the other side”


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6 Responses to Naughty Runner

  1. oliverjksmith says:

    Nice! I’ve recently contemplated swimming lessons myself. Partly because I’m not the strongest swimmer but mainly because a knee injury is keeping me from my running goals. Good luck with the swimming

    • usabaker says:

      I couldn’t believe the difference these swim lessons and coaching has made in just three lessons. I think its worth the money and would recommend it.

  2. 50in50marathonquest says:

    nice…i had to go the coaching route a few years back doing the same thing – it paid, well i mean i didn’t drown in the triathlon 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    I have been wanting to switch up running with swimming lately! This plants more of a seed in my mind!

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