Running Partner Wanted, Inquire Within

These past weeks since my last 1/2 Marathon I’ve had trouble getting back into my running schedule, I’ve had a number of false starts. I guess like Paul (Unlearn What You Have Learned) I’ve lost my Mojo too.

Its not that I don’t feel like running, on the contrary I feel like running all the time; I want tor run. but for some odd reason I just don’t.  Always the same too; Lunchtime I look at the clock and think time to go run, then I finish that last one thing and its to late to run, so I decide to run when I get home.

When I pull up in front of the house I think, okay i’ll get dressed and run. Once in the house my mind distracts me, but keeps that thought “I need to run” rolling around in my brain. And of course it get dark and I think i’ll run tomorrow morning before work. This morning I woke a 4:50am and thought I should get up and run but I didn’t; leaving my warm bed had lost its appeal.

Crap, what is wrong with me! My fear is i’m going to go so long without running that my anxiety is going to kick in and then i’m going to struggle to get back a ‘normal’ state.

As I was cooking breakfast for my son this morning I thought how nice it would be to have a running friend to keep me running.

Someone to run with at least once a week would be cool but I’ve yet to find someone that actually runs at my oldman slow pace or is interested in running 6 to 10 miles at a time. The runners I know either pace WAY faster then me or run 3 or less miles per run.

SO I’m stuck… I need to run SO I WILL at lunch today even though I’ve my swim training at 6:00PM. But how do you find running friends?

I looked on Craig’s List but I guess it’s not a place runners frequent. Perhaps I’ll get a running shirt that has written on the front and back ‘Running Partner Wanted, Inquire Within’


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8 Responses to Running Partner Wanted, Inquire Within

  1. Facebook! Find running groups in your area. In the last year, I’ve run with/met at least 50 people. I always get messages from friends inviting me to run. I’m part of a trail running group and a road running group.

  2. Dude I feel your know from following me this is my life..and I sad ..running groups suck…and I need vet friends.

  3. You got me all revved up…Time to write how I feel about veterans lack of support!

    • usabaker says:

      You have written about that in the past. I tried joining the American Legion twice but never really felt I fit in at all. This f’in guy there at the first time I met him pointed at his hat and showed me his Bronze Star medal and said “You got one of these?” I look at him and said nope, but my uncle got one just like that in Nam but his have a V device for valor…. what and ass, I left right after that. I’ll bet he was one of those rear esh guys.

  4. pauldburton says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I think I may have found my mojo again… I just got up early and went *straight* out of the door. No thinking about it. Just get out and worry about things once you are moving. Good luck, mate!

    • usabaker says:

      That’s awesome! Gald you got a run in. I didn’t run at lunch again 😦 my wife’s car picked up a nail so I spend my lunch plus at Discount Tire. I did swim today and my coach work the hell out of me. I’m going to run tomorrow though.

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