Grandkids, Nipples, and Band-Aids

Grandpa! Haha why do you have band-aids on your nipples?

Because your daddy was trying to suck milk out of them and they got hurt.

 MOM!!!  he yells as he ran to the guest room. Mom, Grandpa had band-aids on his nipples because Dad was sucking the milk out!

This was my ‘good morning grandpa’ when I returned from my long run this morning. What a great laugh…

FullSizeRenderI know I’ve been off the blog for a long time; Life got in the way along with my Zion race I’ve been swimming allot; so much so my running started taking a backseat so I’ve been remedying that and have stated kicking my mileage up again. But I fear its a bit late I’ve go my 50K trail run on June 10 so this is going to be interesting to see how well I do on this run.

I’m using the 50K Trail run as a sort of benchmark on my journey to my Ultra 100 mile goal in 2018. I’ve gone as far to seek to Andy Jones-Wilkins as a coach which he has agreed to do after I’ve run my 50K. I was so jazzed when he wrote me back and said that he would be happy to coach me.

I could not ask for a better Ultra Trail running coach and am so looking forward in him working with me. Well off to catch up on every ones blog….

So glad to have the time to read all of you!

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12 Responses to Grandkids, Nipples, and Band-Aids

  1. pauldburton says:

    I wondered where you’d gone.

    • usabaker says:

      H Paul! Yeah been really busy and then swimming sort of took things over for awhile. Ragnar kicked me back into reality 🙂 – I needed more run time. Leaving for the 50K in a few minutes; taking the family camping as well. See you soon!

  2. Stacy says:

    Good to hear from you! Happy training!

  3. Oh goodness it’s just round the corner! Sorry, I just never got round to that post I promised you – new baby arrived a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t even finished the last part of my trip report which is now 2 months old. I’m not all that experienced anyway, so all my advice is probably not worth much when weighed up against all the wisdom of your other readers, and your new coach!
    I would sum a 50k up like this: Treat it like a marathon with a 6 mile warmup, and a few hills thrown in. Take walk breaks early in, stick to a slow jog and set yourself some intermediate timing targets to make sure you stay below your target pace. If you’re even the slightest bit unsure about an uphill, walk it. Walk as fast as you want, but walk. Enjoy the sights and the companionship of the other participants. And don’t forget to eat and drink on the way.
    Lessons from the tortoise and the hare are very applicable. If you keep moving slowly and steadily all the way to the end, you are more likely to have a better finish time than if you go out engines blazing and hit the wall at mile 25.
    Most importantly, have fun and good luck!

    • And that band-aid joke is pretty hilarious too!

    • usabaker says:

      Thank you for the advice! I kind of dropped the ball; I haven’t really been running as much as I should have. I let my swimming kind of take over. Running Ragnar showed me just how much endurance I had lost. I pushed this lastweek to get my muscle memory back so lets see how I do. I do plan to walk the hills on this one and EAT. Were going camping at the same time so i’m leaving in just a half hour from now.! See you on Monday! Thanks again for the advice.

  4. Ultra! You’ve read Born to Run by Chris McDougall, I imagine? Grandboy is beautiful.

  5. my26pointtwo says:

    Hope all is well with you! Your swimming sounds like the new motivation but hey, mixing it up is important. Keeps us motivated.

  6. frenchc1955 says:

    Hi, I am not sure if my previous message went through or not, so I am sending it again. I have nominated you for the Spirit Animal Award. The information follows:

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