I Have Retuned!

Yes, it has been a long while since I have posted anything. Life has a funny way of getting in the way, and in this case, the school was the most significant reason I had dropped not only from the blogging scene but also from running. A full-time job, family and 22 hours of school that included six essays per week “proved too much for the man.”

So what happened while I was gone? Not much, the only running I did was Ragnar Washington D.C. last Sept 2017. I did not run my 50 milers which turned out to be a good thing because I left what would have been the next day for the Philippines and ended up in the hospital in the Philippines from catching a bug. Had I run the 50, my immune system would have been already compromised, and I would have been really bad off, if not medevacked from the bug I caught.

I started running again two weeks ago, and I’m disgusted with my performance. Nothing like starting over. The first week of running was hell, and I struggled to complete just two miles. I’ve been running three miles about four times a week, unless I run Juan St. then I do 2 miles. Next week I plan to kick up my runs to four miles. I need to get up to at least 6 miles by the first week in November because I also joined team I EAT PIE 2, to run Ragnar Los Coyotes Trail Nov 9-10. LOL yeah when I jump, I jump in with both feet.

It feels good to be running again, so all of you will be see me posting again often!

Happy Trails!!!

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1 Response to I Have Retuned!

  1. GP Cox says:

    You’ll get there – you know you will. You also have the satisfaction of having taken care of priorities when then they needed tending to!!

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