Woke Up Missing My Girls

Today I woke up thinking about my girls. The trigger may have been the “My Daughter’s Words” blog entry that I read in Movin’ it with Michelle. Whatever the case, I can’t concentrate on my work pictures of my daughters keep flashing in my mind, interrupting my train of thought. My simple text to both of them, “I miss you both, and I love you,” did not suffice in the waning the feeling of absents.

When I think of my little girls, I am in awe of all they have achieved and continue to pursue in their lives. How powerful and independent they have become as women. They see their goal and let nothing and no one veer their path. Most of all, they take responsibility for their actions, exhibit solid morals and work ethics; so rare in today’s world.

The last time I was with both of my daughters was in July of 2019 at the promotion ceremony of my eldest daughter to Staff Sergeant in El Paso, TX. My youngest daughter and I had the honor of pinning the new rank on her. My youngest daughter and I donned our uniforms for the occasion. I can’t express how proud I was that day to not only pin Staff Sergeant on one of my little girls but to stand there in uniform with them both. In actuality, four generations of Military are represented because I could no longer fit in my SEABEE uniform, so I wore my father’s.

I’m proud that my girls decided to carry on the family tradition of serving our great nation. Our family has been serving since the War of 1812 and on both sides during the Civil War.

From that day, this is my favorite picture. I not quite sure why. There is just something about it.

Can you tell I am a proud dad standing in uniform with the two Baby Girls in theirs?

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  1. Thank you so much!!! Hugs to you!

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