Oh NutButter! Episode 1: Quest for Anti-chafing – Running after 60

As milage increases, as does the opportunity for the delicate parts of your body to chaff. Chaffing was a problem for me when I ran anything over six miles between 2014 and 2018, especially bad at distances over 18 miles.

Some things, like the nipples, are easy to remedy, a Band-Aid across them to solve the chafing and bleeding; the removal of said Band-Aid can be, shall we say, invigorating if you get the ones with mucho sticky adhesive.

Chafing and blistering on the sides and between my toes was solved easily by only running in Injinji toe socks. I used the Lightweight and Original no-show for road running, anything up to a marathon. For the trail, I trust my feet Performance 2.0 Trail Midweight (discontinued), Trail Midweight Mini-Crew, and Midweight Mini-Crew NuWool, leaning more on the NuWool when I’m running over 15 miles or so. I swear Merlin enchanted Injinji socks; talk about being magical. Absolutely the best I have not had chafing or blistering since I have been using them. I wrote about them on my blog in a post titled “Injinji Toe Sock Review” ; if you have not read it, you should.

Squirrel’s Nut Butter and Body Glide are “oh so good” creams, I mean, I wouldn’t eat them, but both help keep the teeth-clenching tension and tears from your eyes. I prefer the stick form that makes life better on the long runs, but you need to remember to reapply at each waypoint. I just carry a small .5 ounce on my person and apply when needed. Now when you are at mile 30, I won’t say there isn’t a temptation to task a bite out of Squirrel’s Nut Butter; cocoa and coconut just sounds sooooo good at that distance.

Not sure if it’s because I’m now 62, but it seems like I chafe and bruise, far easier than even four years ago when I was in my 50’s. Clothing seems to be the cause for my chafing issues, especially in the longer run, which brings me to my next BLOG entry, underwear, and my quest for the best I can find.

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