RUNDERWEAR MAN! Episode 2: Quest for Anti-chafing when Running after 60

“I was just looking at a packet that had SpongeBob thong underwear, so it goes farther than I would imagine. ” Stephen Hillenburg

I’ve been down the underwear road before, no skid tracks intended; I have spent much time buying and trying various “sports” underwear that ALWAYS promises to reduce chafing, keep the propagation tooling cool, and reduce the bacteria that provides those pheromones that I know the opposite sex loves.

I just can’t stand it anymore, trying to pull my panties down and away from the crotch, and fellas isn’t working for me anymore. Feeling like your running with a wedgie is not fun either. The worse is the chafing that the underwear can cause in the crotch. Being red and sore ruins the whole running experience and can cause one to drop from a race altogether or maybe run naked. Squirrel’s Nut Butter and Body Glide help and have been my go-to, but I want to solve the problem or get at least as close to solving it as I can. So I am on a new quest for the best running underwear I can find, and I am willing to pay the price this time.

When I was a kid, my Dad would come running through my room in his U.S. Navy boxer shorts, a T-Shirt, and bed sheet as a cape, yelling, “I’M UNDERWEAR MAN!” So, while I can’t claim that title, I can now claim the title of Runderwear Man, at least I don’t think it’s taken. But, of course, I won’t be running around the house yelling. I’m Runderwear Man, no matter how sexy I might look.

In my search for underwear, the first one that seemed on paper, okay screen who looks at paper anymore, to meet my needs was from a company called RUNDERWEAR I opted for the Men’s Running Briefs. I sent the link to the Runderwaer to my Financial Advisor (FA), aka Wife, and got a text back that read,

FA: $25.00 for underwear?

Me: Yeah, I need them for running

FA: $25.00?

Me: Well, yeah… It will help me with chafing

FA: What about all those other underwear you bought

Me: They don’t work

FA: If these don’t work, what are you going to do?

Me: Return them unwashed I suppose; after all, it says “Chafe-free running, guaranteed”


As advertised, the Runderwear Men’s Running Briefs guarantee that you would have chafe-free running. But what EGGxactly, does that mean? “a 28 day, no fuss guarantee. If you wear our products and they cause you to chafe, we will happily refund you.” I found this interesting, so I went to the return page to find out the details. The page said in a nutshell; you can’t return something that has been worn.

So I had to ask, “If you can’t return something that was worn, how do you exercise the no-fuss guarantee?” After a conversation that went no place with the Runderwear website BOT, I was asked to email my question. So I did.

The Runderwear arrived from Amazon Monday. Opening the Amazon package and pulling out the running briefs box, I had to wonder if Runderwear couldn’t have saved some money on the packaging and reduced the price to the end-user. The box is just the right size for the underwear, which is excellent, and since it’s a heavyweight card stock type paper, recyclable.

However, once you open the package, you find the Runderwear in a sturdy ziplock plastic bag that is not recyclable. The plastic ziplock has a hole punched at the bottom right, making its reuse limited. Why you need plastic inside a nice box boggles the mind, especially when our lands, waterways, and oceans are overload with plastics.

I’m not an environmental activist, but I am environmentally aware, I think all Trail Runners are. You know, when you find stupid packaging like this that adds zero value to any aspect to the marketing and use, it makes you not want to support that product. You would think that a company selling to the outdoors sports community they would be more environmentally responsible. Unfortunately, after all the plastic bags and depending on the person, the box end-up heading to a landfill almost immediately after opening.

After pulling the Runderwear from the plastic bag, I immediately thought, ack Spandex! I’m not too fond of Spandex; the stuff does not breathe at all and captures all your sweat between it and your skin. When looking back at the box, the manufacture shows the fabric as 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane. The product is only made of 8% Elastane (aka Spandex), the balance Polyamide, 92%. This eased my mind as Polyamide does not retain moisture like Elastane. It should be noted that both Polyamide and Elastane are terrible for the environment, but at least the product is not single-use like its packaging.

Run #1 – Tuesday the 24th
Tuesday the 24th was a 6-mile run and my first test of these Running Briefs. My alarm went off at 5:30 AM, and I rolled out of my comfy bed. After a regular morning routine, I put on the Runderwear briefs for the first time. I thought the leg holes’ seams would be uncomfortable in the crotch area, but I was totally wrong. There was no discomfort at all. The Runderwear fit perfectly and was exceptionally comfortable. Boy, did I feel sexy standing there in these briefs. I would have displayed the fit to my wife; I know all wives love when their husbands do that, but she was sleeping, so I did not disturb her. Besides, I’m sure I would look sexier in them post-run.

Pre-Run Stretching:
I have to adjust my running underwear during and after anything I do from the waist down during stretching. Of course, I didn’t realize it until after, but I did not have to make any wardrobe malfunctions or movement at all during my pre or post-run stretching.

I ran mixed media, both trail, and road. A lot of up and downhill on this six-mile route. With every underwear that I have ever run in, by mile one, I would be already be reaching up through the bottom of my shorts to pull the underwear down so that It was not bunching up between my leg and groin. With my Adidas and Nike underwear, pulling them down would get more challenging and more often once they were wet with sweat. By mile four, I would be tugging at the backside of the underwear leg of my brands to keep them from climbing up my butt crack.

I’m happy to report that I had none of these issues with the Runderwear running briefs! I totally forgot about them after about mile two and had zero issues with them. Not even a hint that they would cause chafing. More importantly, just as advertised, the fabric was breathable and kept the sweat off my skin. Nothing below got heated up or soggy – Double Thumbs Up!

I didn’t feel like I was Tommy Pickles with a wet diaper! Post stretching yielded the same positive results as my pre-run stretching. As a matter of fact, I didn’t feel the need to change after I cooled down. There were no unwanted odors, not that there would be running only six miles, but I had to mention it.

Run #2 – Thursday the 26th
After running on Tuesday, I hand-washed the Runderwear running briefs. I like to hand wash my running clothes; I wrote about it in my “Clean Runner” Blog post. Anyhow, Pre-Run Stretching was no different than my first experience; there were no issues or any adjustments to the Runderwear.

Just after mile four on this run, I found that I needed to adjust the Runderwear briefs. The leg hole seams started to cause noticeable discomfort at the point where the inside of the leg meets the groin. It’s tough to describe, so I drew red lines on this picture of where the discomfort occurred. The discomfort on the right side was more prominent than on the left. So I readjusted the Runderwear to try and remedy the discomfort.

Between mile 4.7 and 5.5 in the run climbs somewhere in the area of 350 feet, so uphill. This is where I started to feel a hot spot on the right side which remained for the balance of the 6-mile run.

Because I was late and needed to get my son to school and log into some training, I did not do any Post stretching.

Post run inspection, even though I could feel the hot spot, it never got to the point where there was redness or chafing.

Bottom Line:
The Runderwear running briefs are the most comfortable underwear that I have ever run in, even though on the 2nd run, I did experience some discomfort and a hot spot forming, but had no issues with them bunching up or getting noticeable wet.

There was a hint of Runderwear briefs causing a hot spot, but no chafing occurred. Although, to be honest, though most of my other running underwear are boxer type, there is always that off chance my findings might not be the same if I had bought and tested the running boxers or long boxers. Boxers tend not to chafe as much in the area where I noticed the hot spots in the briefs. So it may not be a fair comparison.

Runderwear running briefs did beat most of my expectations. Are they worth $25.00?

Not sure yet; I’ll know more when I get some more miles in them and can really test to see if chafing will materialize from the hot spots I noticed. I have several races coming up, including a 50K. These are where the Runderwear is going to get its big test.

Customer Service and Runderwear 28 day, no fuss guarantee? I can’t comment on that. You see, it’s been three days since I sent an email to Runderwear through their website Welcome to Runderwear BOT, and I have yet to receive a response.

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