Crewing and Running with the Goon

If you have not been reading about the fires in California, then you may not know that the Tahoe 200 Endurance Run was canceled due to the Caldor fire that continues to grow in the Eldorado National Forest, the California side of the Tahoe 200.

The race directors gave those who entered the option of running the Tahoe 200 as a virtual. One of my friends is running the Triple Crown of 200’s, which is three 200 mile races in just three months. He completed his first the Cascade Mountains (Bigfoot 200) and was supposed to run the second at the Tahoe 200, and his third will be in Moab, Utah (Moab 240).

Rather than having to start over next year, he’s opted to run the Tahoe 200 virtually. He still has to meet the Time, Distance, and Elevation requirements of the Tahoe 200 race, but he can run it here in San Diego.

He’s running in Mission Trails so if you see a tall shaved head guy running on the trail, give him a shout-out! It is tough to run most of a 200-mile race alone. The Goon, his nickname not one I gave him, started on his 200 mile run yesterday at 11:30 AM, and as I am writing, this is still on the trail; I have been tracking him on his Garmin.

There are three of us taking turns crewing for him; I’m the only one who will spend time on the trail with him as a pacer and company. I currently am not capable at this point of running 200 miles, but I can run with him in short runs.

I met him last night and did 11 miles with him on the trails, 1829’ feet gain. I have never been to Mission Trails, let alone in the dark. It was stunning! Summiting North Fontuna (elevation 1,291) gave me breathtaking views that I’ll not soon forget. We even came upon a small California King Snake at 10:30 PM. Yeah.. it was still very warm; in the ’70s.

I’ll be up at 4:30AM tomorrow to head-out to the trail to find and run with the Goon.

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