13.97 Miles / 22.5 KM – Hmmmmm Ouchy?

Yesterday evening I got it in my head that I wanted to see if I could run a Half-Marathon, so I tossed on my running clothes, grabbed some hydration, and headed out the door for an out and back 13+ mile run.

I tried to run as much as I could on the trails, but that only ended up being about two miles of the entire run. I was feeling good but was running at a much slower pace than usual. I would guess I was conservative with my energy stores.

Mile seven is where I decided I would turn around and head back. When I got to mile 7, a young man was running in the opposite direction, so when I turned back, I ran about 5 feet behind him. He turned and looked at me, hit the gas, and jetted off until he was a good 100 yards (.091KM) ahead of me. It seems as though he did not want me tracking along behind him or passing him. I just giggled to myself. I’ve seen it before.

Keeping my steady pace, I slowly started gaining on this young man because his pace had slowed. I pulled up next to him by mile nine, said, “waz up?” smiling and passed him. I heard his pace picked up, and he rolled up next to me and said, “I’m going to run at your pace for a while,” with a big smile.

It was nice to have company on the run, and I kick myself for not getting his contact info so we could be running partners; perhaps I’ll see him on this route again. We ran together until mile 11.5, and then he took a hard right turn to head back from whence he came.

I was okay up through mile 12. Mile 13 and 14 is where my legs started having issues, and I was starting to struggle. This would also be the point where elevation starts. I made it all the way back, though, ran the entire 13.97 miles in 2:47:14 at a 11:58/mile pace. Well I did stop to stand for “To the Colors” as they play while in hearing distance of the Navy SEALs – BUD/S Training base on the strand.

, and boy were my legs hurting. Also, have a bit of a sore spot on my left side where the base of the water bottle of my Salomon S/Lab Sense Ultra 3 Set Hydration Running Vest was resting. I’ll have to figure that one out.

Still in some discomfort, but what I learned is that I’m good out to 12 miles, so I need to start running in the 11 and 12-mile range every other day so that I can build up my running legs. I also should have not run at a slower then normal pace. I think I would have got better data had I run at my normal pace.

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