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Lechon Manok: How I poke the Chicken

 Last Friday I was craving home made rotisserie Chicken. To be specific a rotisserie chicken stuffed with Lemongrass and basted in young coconut juice (buko) infused with lemongrass; like that found in the Philippines called Lechon Manok. You will find … Continue reading

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Banana nana bo bana fi fi fo fana banana

I think that these Banana’s harvested from one of Banana trees (plants technically) in our garden by my father in-law may be the last batch we get till next summer. We still have two trees with bunches on them but … Continue reading

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The Day After Coffee

Just came in the house from outside drinking my first cup of coffee today. It rained last night and true to form San Diego has been once again blessed with blue sky’s and sunshine. I love the mornings after the … Continue reading

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Adidas: Better Eattin Hot

What came first the Chicken or the Shoe? It’s rumored in the Filipino community that eating these culinary delights cooked with vinegar, garlic and other exciting spices; will make you run faster. I think you run faster from the fact … Continue reading

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