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Resting Heart Rate

Found out what my resting heart rate was on Monday morning; but it was the worse way to find out ever. Sunday my chest started hurting, it got progressively worse as the night went on. All night and a combination … Continue reading

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Self-Less Plee SoulCycle Dare to Bare

My niece has entered the SoulCycle Dare to Bare event to raise funds that help young women everywhere overcome their body image insecurities and gain a renewed sense of self through fitness and movement. If anyone has an interest in … Continue reading

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Into the new….

Let me just start my saying THANK YOU to all those in the blogging community who have been reading my blog, supporting me, helping me and pushing me along on my journey into running. You guys have been fantastic. Never … Continue reading

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No Running Just a Wool Blanket

I’ve not run since Saturday because of a stomach virus I seem to have caught from a generous person at work. Seem’s like i’m jumping from sickness to sickness.  I should retire so all I have to do is run and … Continue reading

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Miracle Tree: Malunggay (Moringa)

Was out in my backyard this morning and realized that my Malunggay (Moringa) tree was really tall, so I grabbed a tape measure and it measured over 16 feet in length.   My wife has been ‘suggesting’ that I top … Continue reading

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33 Miles: Weekly Running Roll Up

Did a 13.33 mile run in 2:26 hours age pace of 11:02/mile which put this weeks miles at 33 for the week. Less then I planed but good due to my work schedule. I don’t know why but after my … Continue reading

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So Aggravated and Disappointed

Just logged into my Heath Site to see how my LABs turned out and I’m just really disappointed. I was not expecting to see my LDL elevated yet again! I’ve been trying to eat right and I do ALLOT of … Continue reading

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