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Woman Runs a 15-Minute Marathon: My sister and brother in-law ROCK!

My baby sister continues to astound me with her achievements and my brother in-law is a true blessing to our family and a bigger man than I think I could ever be; and I’m so thankful that he’s in my … Continue reading

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Stop Killing Me

People, independent manufactures and the tobacco companies seem always to find ways to inflict medical risks, issues and death on those of us who rather not have it. The latest assault on the masses is the electronic cigarette vapor machines. … Continue reading

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6 Mile run – New Visor and Collagen Hydrolysate came in the mail

My 4 mile planed run turned in to a 6 mile run. I was feeling good running today and decided at the 2 mile point that I would run 5 rather than 4 then at the 3 mile point I … Continue reading

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Still Down and Out! this sucks soooo bad….

It’s been officially seven day since I’ve not been able to run. It’s getting really depressing and I’m starting to feel like I’m gaining weight; I know it’s all in my head but still. The the past seven days have … Continue reading

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RUN: Autism Care and Treatment for Military Families 5k/10k in San Diego.

So I signed up for my first 10K and signed up my wife’s son Jon for his first 5K in the 5th Annual ONEHOPE ACT Today! for Military Families 5k/10k Run/Walk & Family Festival. The race is this Saturday March … Continue reading

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Sick: No Running (at least not the kind I like to do)

I haven’t had the energy to write. On Tuesday I completed a 7 mile run in Long Beach and was on my way home, excited to get on the computer and post my run to the blog. My body decided … Continue reading

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Runners Nipples – “Oh, the humanity!”

It takes allot to embarrass me, I’m well known for my less than main stream sense of  humor and my over the top antics that would make my mother blush. But for some reason sore nipples on my man boobs … Continue reading

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