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First Ever 16 Mile Run

Ran my first ever 16.25 miles / 26.1Km in 2:59:48 at an avg pace of 11:04/mile. And I learned the following; I was actually able to run it without stopping or walking. That’s a long way to run! GEL Packs really … Continue reading

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GEL Shots! Missing my 16 miler

I was supposed to get up this morning at 4:30AM and start my 16 mile run. I wanted to run before the heat and humidity started. But before I realized it yesterday it was 1:00AM before my wife and I … Continue reading

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I Run

I run.. for me.. for my health.. I run to live.. I run.. It doesn’t matter how I got here, doesn’t matter why I’m here, what’s matters is I’m here NOW and I’m going to stay here for as long … Continue reading

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Running injured: Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve

As I sit here blogging I am in pain. Woke up early this morning excited to go on a picture run at the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve. Got dressed and was at the east end of the estuary … Continue reading

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RUN: Autism Care and Treatment for Military Families 5k/10k in San Diego.

So I signed up for my first 10K and signed up my wife’s son Jon for his first 5K in the 5th Annual ONEHOPE ACT Today! for Military Families 5k/10k Run/Walk & Family Festival. The race is this Saturday March … Continue reading

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Feel Good! Getting Better

Just completed 6.21mile/10km in 1:02 minutes with avg pace of 10:06/mile. Not the best times but I’m just jazzed that I’m able to run that far without pain during or after! The hills kicked my butt though and made me … Continue reading

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RUN: Long Beach, California 7.32 miles

[7.32miles/ 11.78Km in 1:13:10 minutes at an avg. pace of 9:59/mile] I was up at Long Beach and decided that I would run along the shore line a place called Shoreline Village; I tourist trap of sort but one that … Continue reading

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