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I’m Sorry: Memorial Day

Memorial day never been easy for me, today is more then most because I hurt in my heart and feel guilty for not visiting my brothers and sisters who served, and for many died, for the freedoms we enjoy. I … Continue reading

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Snap Shot in Time: Cold and Alone

It was cold that night. Like most nights in San Francisco the cold fog rolls in just a few hours before dusk, the fog sticks as if attracted like a magnet to steel. As darkness dropped the night seemed colder … Continue reading

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Family: Love and Regret

Family….. family is one of the most important items in my life but its has also become one of my greatest regrets. My words are contradictory I know, how can it be the most important yet house my biggest regrets? … Continue reading

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14th of Forever

Today, March 10, 2002, I married the love of my life and today we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. She was my best friend and confidante; someone with whom I never imagined would have me as her love and husband. … Continue reading

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Pretty Kitty…

In 1974 Simi Valley was still a small town; there were track homes, but where we lived those were surrounded by citrus orchards and free range cattle country. At the top of our street, three houses away was the ‘field’ … Continue reading

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I carry your name, everywhere I go.

“Deep down inside my soul, I couldn’t grasp the air in my lungs. My eyes wondered and focused on “Grandfather has passed.” A line from my daughters blog entry: I carry your name, everywhere I go.

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No Running Just a Wool Blanket

I’ve not run since Saturday because of a stomach virus I seem to have caught from a generous person at work. Seem’s like i’m jumping from sickness to sickness.  I should retire so all I have to do is run and … Continue reading

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WWII: Uncle Olympio

If you have looked though my Blog you will have noticed that I write short snippets of family history. (e.g WWII: A Fish for Papa ) Last time I was in the Philippines on the Island of Bohol where my family is from, … Continue reading

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I will never forget

The images I saw that September 11th morning are still as clear today as they were that ominous day; I remember the images of Muslim’s dancing in the streets in their piss hole countries in celebration of the deeds of … Continue reading

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