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RUNDERWEAR MAN! Episode 2: Quest for Anti-chafing when Running after 60

“I was just looking at a packet that had SpongeBob thong underwear, so it goes farther than I would imagine. ” Stephen Hillenburg I’ve been down the underwear road before, no skid tracks intended; I have spent much time buying … Continue reading

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Oh dear… Fluffy has gone missing….

Today on my morning run, I was attacked by the same dog again, with the same owner standing nearby. When I went to protect myself by kicking at the dog, the owner thought I was in the wrong “for trying … Continue reading

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What is happiness?

I’m not today – i’m indifferent; which makes me wonder if I really ever am. My standard line when asked “How are you to day?” is I’m great! I woke up alive this morning! it’s always great to wake up … Continue reading

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