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She whispered, as if God was talking to me.

Please check out my daughters blog. This story touched my heart. Keep writing and remember Daddy loves you !

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The 70’s: A night in Chinatown

As if walking down the ally wasn’t bad enough, it was dark and this was Chinatown. It was 11:30’ish, not the best time to be walking alone, at least not in Chinatown. I had just left Victors apartment on Stockton … Continue reading

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The Power of Money

Uncle Macario (Uyoan Cayong) was of all my grand uncles my favorite. When others would pay me no mind, Uncle Cayong would take the time to spoil me in ways others never would. How excited I would get when I … Continue reading

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A Fish for Papa – WWII Account in the Philippines

I was told the following story one night while sitting with the elders at a birthday party.   Marc Mausisia was the son of the person who this story is with regards to. Lolo Tenyada the cousin of Marc’s father. The … Continue reading

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Runners Nipples – “Oh, the humanity!”

It takes allot to embarrass me, I’m well known for my less than main stream sense of  humor and my over the top antics that would make my mother blush. But for some reason sore nipples on my man boobs … Continue reading

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4:30AM Run: In the warmth of my bed shall I remain

[5.35 miles in 55:16 minutes 10:20min/mile – 313ft climb] Darkness and running are two things that never have gone well for me. Because I’ve been time challenged and these are short days, I’ve had no choice but to run in … Continue reading

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You are always with me Dad…

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death. Even though he’s been gone two years I can still hear his voice, his smell and can feel he is somehow with me. There are still times when something is going … Continue reading

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Black Rice

Back in late 1980’s, a time when I was much older and much less wise. I would make sure to visit my grandfather as often as I could.  At the time, he lived in a large three story house in … Continue reading

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I LOVE Man holes

I guess I should not have had a space between Man and Hole and when I write Manhole, more accurately manhole covers;  I am of course not talking about part of the human male anatomy. I’m talking about the covers … Continue reading

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Writing Skillz or Lack thereof?

One of my friends commented that my writing skills are not what the used to be. His comment didn’t really surprise me because I lost my mojo back I think in 2008. Now when I write I struggle to be … Continue reading

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