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I knew it would happen 13.3 Mile Run

They allowed us to leave early today so when I got home it was still light and decided to do a 8 mile out and back run. When I got to 4 miles I decided that I would run 10 … Continue reading

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Trail Hog San Jose CA.

After driving 10 hours from San Diego to San Jose CA I had a little less then 2 hours to rest before leaving for Joseph D. Grant park located on Mount Hamilton in Santa Clara county. Once you got to … Continue reading

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Trail Run: What was I thinking!

Allot went on today! I have to wonder, sometimes, what is wrong with me. Friday my wife and I will drive to San Jose and then San Francisco to talk with my Grand Aunties about my family history, the rest … Continue reading

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RUN 13.21 miles: Ohhhh the Humidty!

13.21 Miles (21.25 Km) in 2:28:41 Hours with and average pace of 11:15/mile I woke up late this morning I don’t know if I woke up and turned off the alarm on my phone (likely) or if the alarm just … Continue reading

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