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Coconuts: My After Run Drink for Hydration and Electrolytes

I’m not a big fan of sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade; before I knew better I thought these were the greatest thing going. I was and still am tiring to get healthy and reduce my blood sugar levels so … Continue reading

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Running and Smoking Cigarettes – must be an Army thing

I’m thoroughly confused. Where I work puts me in contact with a variety of people in a variety of jobs among these people are Military people. Today and once again I witnessed another US Army person standing in his physical … Continue reading

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My Journey to Health – Running

Back in June of 2012 it was tipping the scales at 208lbs my doctor told me that I really need to control my cholesterol and blood sugar, I was becoming dangerously close to being pre-diabetic.  I sat looking at my … Continue reading

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