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The Art of Running Without Running

Well not really, just heard Bruce Lee’s voice running though my head when I wrote the title; “The Art of Fighting without Fighting” was the exact quote I think. Really, just didn’t know what to title this post because I’ve … Continue reading

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The Ugh… Run

Not a great run yesterday 5.13 mile in 50:27 minutes Avg. Pace 9.50/mile. I think it’s a little off that pace should be more around 10:25 or in that area, the GPS on my iPhone seemed to have gone wacky. … Continue reading

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Cold Weather RAN! – Wo! I feel good

So the sun came out and the sky became blue and even though it was still cold outside that was enough to get me in to my shorts and t-shirt and these funky new Injinji socks for a run. I ran … Continue reading

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Cross Country for my knees

The joints in my knees have been hurting from the constant pounding on the concrete and asphalt. When I was young(er) my heals never hit the ground, my jog was like other peoples run. In the navy I had the nickname … Continue reading

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