Welcome to my BLOG! I’ve been publishing my thoughts on-line before the term blog was ever coined. First to USENET and later to what I believe was the first web based “blog host” called LiveJournal. I moved to WordPress in 2010. For a while I lost my motivation to write; after all I only really wrote for me and even then wasn’t and still aren’t really sure why I do.

You get what you read with me; I’m more than likely the worst speller that you will ever encounter so if you are one of those people that like to make yourself look smarter by correcting my spelling and grammar errors then have fun with that as you will get no reaction from me because you and what you think matter none to me; you would have a better time talking to yourself in the mirror.

I’m 100% pure American Mutt sporting English, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, German, French, Filipino, Spanish, and Malaysian. What are important to me are family, GOD and country. I would suppose allot of people find those 3 things old fashioned and trivial. But then those are the same people who feel Honor, Courage, Commitment and Duty are just things you say, not to live by or follow.

Whatever your reason for visiting my journal I hope you enjoy at least some of my random musings.


18 Responses to About

  1. Richard Kelly says:

    I first weent to your wbsite because I saw that you had free manuals for the Farberware grills, not the ebay extortion—I now have my mother’s grill, but no manuals …But then I read more and I delight in your embrace of all that’s in your life—your son abroad in the army for example….I share your site with others…

    Thank you,
    Richard Kelly

  2. E&R says:

    The electric cord for the third time has become brittle and NOT providing power to the heating element (this is where the male/female) makes contact and interfaces. There is no adequate contact. I am now on my third one. Everthing else work great.

  3. NewfsDrool says:

    Thanks for the Farberware Broiler-Rotisserie Manual!! Picked up the unit at a thrift store, wanted a manual and saw $17+ online and there was no way… Now I have one 🙂 I sure do appreciate it!

  4. Lynda Fox says:

    I just received a shish-kebab attachment for my Open Hearth Grill and also have the official manual for it. Would like to scan it for you but not sure where to attach the attachment.. so if you can email me I would pay it forward.. Thanks Lynda

  5. Jim Brennan says:

    Your priorities and heart are in the right place, and that’s all that matters. The rest is just stuff.

  6. frenchc1955 says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a Reader’s Challenge. Here is the link:

  7. David Bruce says:

    All about this brother..glad we can follow each other on your journey

  8. Doc' & CJ says:


    This message is for your eyes only and not meant to be made public please. [FYEO]

    There’s far too much I’d like to say and it would take me years to write it so I’ll just say it straight out as best I can. (NOT my specialty, I’m whatcha call “verbose”)

    I reckon God probably had something to do with me sending you this message, and I’m hoping (maybe wrongly) that it goes far beyond that. Yes, I know I must sound crazy as hell to you right now but that’s only because you don’t have all the details. It’s the “details” I’d like to discuss with you if you have any interest. And we hope you do for many reasons.

    Here’s the deal. There’s a book that needs to be written, it involves all of the elements that you are both interested in and directly connected to. (Except running, sorry) And there is a direct connection to current times that no one else has yet touched on. IF this book were to be written, it would be what I have come to call an “earth shaker”. Do I sound crazy again? I wouldn’t blame ya if ya thought I am, but I think you might be uniquely qualified to accomplish the major part of an “earth shaking” book. Something I am not qualified nor capable of doing myself.

    I’ve scanned you blog a tiny bit, I found two statements that you made in comments or a post that struck me, then compelled me to send this message before reading more about you. I take that as a “God thing” so I responded without further due diligence.

    1. “I wish I were a more eloquent writer”
    2 “I want to be a Teacher”

    I have more than enough “eloquence” if you can be disciplined enough to put it to good use. And I may have a few other useful things to contribute, but I’m not the man for this job and I know it. It’ll take someone exactly like you for this job, even if you don’t know it.

    “Teach” you say?

    Wanna write an “Earth Shaker”?

    If you’re not already convinced that I’m bat shit crazy, contact me at your convienence. I reckon we both need to find out.

    Doc’ & CJ

    • usabaker says:

      Doc and Cj, Thank you for visiting my humble BLOG. I’m not sure what you need from me, but i’m you have made me curious. I do think however that you are seeing more in me then I really have to offer. Feel free to contact me at usabaker@gmail.com 🙂

      • Doc' & CJ says:

        Bill, this is FYEO.

        Sorry for the delay in replying, I’ve been busy and distracted far too much. Thanks for getting back to me, I’m sorry to arouse your curiousity then take so long to reply. Apologies.

        I reckon if you’re interested enough to reply we should talk by phone, ’cause it’d take me 5 years just to ask the questions needed much less “discuss the details”. Crazy I know, but it can’t hurt to talk and see where it goes.

        I’ll send you my direct number by email, I don’t want to post it online. We can talk more then if you choose to. I’m 2 hours ahead of your time zone but I’ll accept your call any time.

        Oh and, I’m not in the habit of mis-reading men, so don’t sell yourself short here my friend. You have much more to offer than you realize. I’m hopefull we can find a combination of talents that can pull off a miracle, ’cause we’re gonna need one if we expect to accomplish what I have in mind. And a bit of a warning: We are likely to piss a whole buncha people smooth off in the process, mostly the Japanese. Maybe even a few people we wish we hadn’t pissed off.

        But hey that’s how I am, fuck em’ if they can’t handle the truth. And I aint afraid to speak the truth. Especially not when it comes to my family and factual history. Tantalizing hints into the mind of a “man with a plan” if you will.

        You think on it, in the meantime I’ll email ya my number. If you feel Compelled enough to call, then by all means; Do so Sir. Regardless, you are under no obligations either way.

        But like I said, “I aint in the habit of mis-reading men”.


  9. frenchc1955 says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. The information follows: https://charlesfrenchonwordsreadingandwriting.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/blogger-recognition-award/

  10. Susan says:

    Thrilled you have provided the manuals for the Farberware Rotisserie! It really does such a great job with roasts! Got it from my folks and we used it last night-yum!
    Thanks so muc!

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