Welcome to my BLOG! I’ve been publishing my thoughts on-line before the term blog was ever coined. First to USENET and later to what I believe was the first web based “blog host” called LiveJournal. I moved to WordPress in 2010. For a while I lost my motivation to write; after all I only really wrote for me and even then wasn’t and still aren’t really sure why I do.

You get what you read with me; I’m more than likely the worst speller that you will ever encounter so if you are one of those people that like to make yourself look smarter by correcting my spelling and grammar errors then have fun with that as you will get no reaction from me because you and what you think matter none to me; you would have a better time talking to yourself in the mirror.

I’m 100% pure American Mutt sporting English, Irish, Dutch, Scottish, German, French, Filipino, Spanish, and Malaysian. What are important to me are family, GOD and country. I would suppose allot of people find those 3 things old fashioned and trivial. But then those are the same people who feel Honor, Courage, Commitment and Duty are just things you say, not to live by or follow.

Whatever your reason for visiting my journal I hope you enjoy at least some of my random musings.


9 Responses to About

  1. Richard Kelly says:

    I first weent to your wbsite because I saw that you had free manuals for the Farberware grills, not the ebay extortion—I now have my mother’s grill, but no manuals …But then I read more and I delight in your embrace of all that’s in your life—your son abroad in the army for example….I share your site with others…

    Thank you,
    Richard Kelly

  2. E&R says:

    The electric cord for the third time has become brittle and NOT providing power to the heating element (this is where the male/female) makes contact and interfaces. There is no adequate contact. I am now on my third one. Everthing else work great.

  3. NewfsDrool says:

    Thanks for the Farberware Broiler-Rotisserie Manual!! Picked up the unit at a thrift store, wanted a manual and saw $17+ online and there was no way… Now I have one :) I sure do appreciate it!

  4. Lynda Fox says:

    I just received a shish-kebab attachment for my Open Hearth Grill and also have the official manual for it. Would like to scan it for you but not sure where to attach the attachment.. so if you can email me I would pay it forward.. Thanks Lynda

  5. Jim Brennan says:

    Your priorities and heart are in the right place, and that’s all that matters. The rest is just stuff.

  6. frenchc1955 says:

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I nominated your for a Reader’s Challenge. Here is the link:

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