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Philippines: Atulayan Island

It was a on a tropical island seeming kissed by GOD; where gentle and calm waves of turquoise water caressed its soft white sand. The branches of coconut trees swayed ever so slightly on a gentle breeze that cooled your … Continue reading

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In Darkness Looms the Runner

Of late my runs, the kind of foot not of bowel, have had to take place at that magic hour of sunset, when shadows pull across ones path eventually bleeding into darkness. Running in partial or complete darkness adds to … Continue reading

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2015 San Diego Joggin’ for Frogmen

So yesterday was the day; I was up a 6:00am and after completing my daily hygiene routine and suiting up for the run, I proceed down stairs to cook breakfast for my family who unlike me was still fast asleep … Continue reading

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Running: Ew! Elephant Poo.

I haven’t done any long runs this week, mostly short for whatever reason my calves haven’t been up to them. No amount of foam rolling or stretching seems to help. But for me some running is better than no running … Continue reading

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Clean Runner

 My wife still laughs at me  when I wash my running cloths. Maybe its the Filipino in me, maybe I’m cheap or maybe I feel it’s a waste to run a washer and dryer just for a few running shirts, … Continue reading

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Sweaty Options

I’ve never like having anything on my head while running or working out; actually this was big issue when I was serving in the SEABEES. When things got hot it would tend to remove my cover which is frowned on … Continue reading

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I don’t know ouch… but I may have injured myself on my 10 mile run last Wednesday; in the inside of my leg below the calf is sore and felt like it burns when I rubbed it and lower front … Continue reading

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