Janet Was Not Ammused

It was Christmas Mass at the San Diego Cathedral 2004. Background; I had introduced Janet to that Cheese in the aerosol can from Kraft Foods called “Easy Cheese” you push the head of the can and cheese comes squirting out so you can apply it to crackers and other sorts of snacks.

With this Easy Cheese, I also introduced her to Mini Ritz; Mini RITZ, are fun bite-size crackers ideal for snacking on the go and sharing with friends and family, or so they say.

We munched on easy cheese and mini ritz as we drove down the road, going someplace the memory of which now eludes me. I remember telling her, I wonder why they don’t offer this cheese when you go to receive the host at church, the priest could add; “The body of Christ, would you like cheese with that?” Janet glared at me said; “Don’t say that”, you see Janet is not fond of my little jokes about such things.

Jump Forward: Midnight Mass…
We are sitting there and everyone stands up to take communion, it’s vary quite, one after another takes the body of Christ and returns to their pew to pray. About midway though the sacrament I lean over to Janet and say; “Would you like cheese with that?”

Janet laughed out loud, so loud even I was surprised. People looked at us with these expressions. Some mad, some startled, some curious and some obviously disgusted with our manners.

Needless to say I was scolded by Janet for my behavior in mass on our way home……. Do you think Jesus has a sense of humor?

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